Therapy equipment to Reduction of tinnitus ( ringing in the ears ) the unpleasant ringing in the ears

Made in Germany or Made in Swiss

It whistles , klinget or noisy, now the self-help is needed
Tinnitus ( ringing in the ears ) is a great loss of quality of life, insufficient and not restful sleep and a permanent disturbance in the entire daily life for many patients.


Because tinnitus has various causes , which are also to treat differently , we have 2 devices with completely different therapies :

  1. Soft Laser
  2. Electro- therapy


A very big advantage is that both therapies are recognized as next – reaction-free .

Which form of therapy is the better for you depends on the cause of tinnitus. This excludes that tinnitus and possible tension in the face, neck and shoulder muscles , other diseases are not adjacent to the present, we recommend a thorough investigation both by the ear, nose and throat specialist and by the orthopedic surgeon .

Patients who suffer from shoulder and neck tension , especially among or have problems with the Ge Supervisory muscles should definitely start with the elec- tro – therapy.

Years of experience have shown that the tinnitus can not be reduced as long as the neck and shoulder and face muscles are tense or comparable convulsing and one of the most effective therapies against muscle tension is the electrotherapy.

If you have any problems with the shoulder-neck and facial muscles , we recommend first soft – laser therapy. The Soft Laser Therapy has proven to be very good therapy when the tinnitus is caused by stress and or inflammation .

It is also thought that the tinnitus by energetic disturbances may be caused in the ear. Both means of soft laser and electro-therapy can be reduced energetic disorder, also promote in -de therapies circulation and stimulate metabolism very strongly.

The laser light emits very deep into the inner ear and the inner ear also supplied with additional energy .

Treatment success is also highly dependent on your personal behavior. Besides the fact that it therapy-resistant patients are also at these forms of treatment , you should be fully aware that there is a long-term therapy . With just a few or irregular treatments carried out no Thera sign of success is to be expected .

Who is willing to consistently perform these therapies daily over a long period of time , has a very good chance that reduce the noise in the ear or be more bearable. After three months, you should begin to enjoy the success of therapy .

To carry out the therapy with the Soft Laser or electro-therapy device regularly , is not a problem as they can be easily and comfortably at home while eating , watching TV, working at the computer , the Walking etc. performed. The freedom of movement and listening during therapy is not restricted.



in electronic and metallic implants , in malignant tumors, thrombosis, kidney and heart failure, during pregnancy. If in doubt, ask at the best doctor you can trust.

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