Lymphatic drainage devices reduction of Lymphedema and elephantiasis

Lymphatic drainage devices reduction of Lymphedema and elephantiasis

Made in Germany
Lymphedema associated for patients with a large loss of quality of life and with impairments in all areas of life.

This device is particularly suitable for people who are considered untreatable and are ready to perform an alternative therapy. Since we may only make available the references to the medical service personnel , ask the doctor of your choice , whether it is prepared , the proof of the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage even in supposedly untreatable patient – to look at the references. In our experience, no one is beyond treatment for lymphatic congestion , until he has at least 50 tried this form of therapy at least 3 months treatments performed .

Our device , the muscles are contracted in certain sequences from distal to proximally to fours activated in this way to the lymph flow by means of electrical impulses. Depending on the cause of lymphatic congestion , there are
for proper electrode placement Therapievor various proposals . This form of lymphatic drainage is a very gentle therapy , because it is exerted any pressure on the extremities.

The therapeutic success , however, depends on various factors. Except that it is even with this treatment
ment form treatment-resistant patients are , we make the persons concerned to point out that it is a long-term therapy . With just a few or un –
regular treatments carried out , is einTherapie –
expected success.

This therapy is a very good alternative for patients who are considered beyond treatment policy. This form of therapy is carried out in hospitals and clinics for decades.
After many untreatable patients their Lymphprob – lems could be alleviated , we have now developed a home therapy.

This therapy , you can easily perform at home and are not tied to deadlines.

Important for the success of therapy is that the Thera –
pie strictly according to the specifications of the doctors carried
leads and the current is not too high.
You should feel the power significantly , but still perceive it as a pleasant tingling sensation .

At high currents irritate the skin and nerves
and can lead to skin irritation ( redness , etc.).
They diminish the success of treatment significantly .

After the programmed treatment period, the unit switches off automatically.
in electronic and metal implants in malignant tumors tions in thrombosis, in renal and heart failure , during pregnancy. If in doubt, ask at the best doctor you can trust.

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