Iontophoresis – Hyperhidrosis – Excessive sweating

alternative-medizine-galvan-de-20The water Iontophoresis is considered to be one of the best and free from side effects methods against Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) on hands, feet and armpits. The chances of reducing perspiration to a normal amount, without damaging the sweat glands, are very high. This is achieved by running a gentle and constant or pulsating continuous current through the affected areas.

The treatment with the Galvan DE 20 can easily and comfortably be performed at home.

You can personally test whether a constant or a pulsating continuous current is more comfortable for you. Due to physical principals the constant continuous current is significantly more effective, however most patients consider the pulsating continuous current much more pleasant.

To ensure that the therapy is successful and the perspiration is reduced to a normal amount, the treatment must be conducted on a regular basis and the current intensity should not be adjusted too high.

A current that is set too high irritates the skin and nerves and can lead to skin irritation (reddening etc.). Please see the statistical evaluation of our patient survey.image001[1]

The treatment of the hands can sometimes lead to unpleasant electric shocks. Therefore most devices feature foot switches, however even these cannot prevent the shocks from. Therefore we developed an electronic switch, with the help of state-of-the-art microprocessor technology that increases the intensity of the current slowly only after both hands have been emerged into the water. The flow of the current is interrupted immediately when one or both hands are taken out of the water. This technology makes it possible that our device does not require any kind of foot switch anymore and that electric shocks can be avoided completely.

Furthermore our device makes it possible to treat hands and feat at the same time. This saves the patient a lot of time. A common feedback from many of our patients is that they can do without a separate armpit treatment when they treat their hands and feet at the same time. Doing this, the current flows from the hands over the arms and armpits down to the feet and vice versa. This way excessive sweating under armpits can be reduced as well.

After completion of the treatment the current intensity is slowly minimized to ‘0’ and is not cut off abruptly. This ensures that the patient does not receive unpleasant electric shocks.

Sweating is a vital function for the body to regulate its own temperature. However, patients who show a Hyperhidrosis condition often suffer from serious emotional distress. The excessive sweating on feet, hands and armpits depends on the temperature (warm/cold), time of the day or year and can lead to limitations in working and everyday life as well as physical pressure on the affected person.

The water Iontophoresis is known as a therapeutic treatment since over 50 years. The success rate of reducing sweating to a normal amount lies over 80% (a success rate of 98% does not exist in medicine). During the treatment the affected areas are exposed to a constant or pulsating continuous current for 20 minutes. Due to our extensive experience of over 30 years most patients can notice first outcomes of the treatment after ca. 10 treatments. Other patients have to wait up to 3 months until the excessive sweating starts to go back.

During the medication Iontophoresis the active ingredient of the medication is channeled underneath the skin with the help of ionic migration. The medication is either charged positively or negatively and is applied to the respective positive or negative electrode. The medication is transported to the affected area directly and therefore the effect of such is enhanced significantly.

Contra indications:
In the case of electronic and metallic implants, malign tumors, thrombosis, kidney and/or heart condition(s), during pregnancy. If you are unsure we recommend you to contact your attending physician.

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