Electro – therapy equipment to reduce lipoedema and Lymph-/Lipoedema

Electro – therapy equipment to reduce lipoedema and Lymph-/Lipoedema

Made in Germany


Lipedemas are for many patients with pain, uncon – trollable fat deposits in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and thus but connected with a large loss of quality of life and disability in all areas of life with aesthetic problems .

The reduction of lipedemas with this device is based on two different therapies : First lymphatic drainages are carried out in order to activate the lymphatic flow and flush out the edema from the body. As soon as the lymph flow is activated , usually the voltage pain and leg cramps go back . Subsequently, the second therapy is begun by the individual muscle groups are specifically stimulated by passive gymnastics. The passive muscle training is carried out at 74 Hz since this frequency has a very good effect analgisierende and in this way the pressure pain can be alleviated.

The focus of this therapy is on the reduction of pain. These may affect the optimal therapy
pieverlauf be completely relieved within a few weeks .

The aesthetic problems with this unit only be affected in the long-term treatment , so you should not start too high the expectations . The Fetteinlagerun -tions in the subcutaneous adipose tissue , by appropriate DIAE th and targeted sports activities as soon as is possible by reducing the pain can be reduced.

The success of treatment depends on various factors dependent. This therapy is to be long-term therapy . With just a few or irregularly treatments carried out is no beneficial effects expected , in addition to that it is also at the water treatment are treatment-resistant patients.

With this device every other day as long as first performed lymphatic drainage, to the lymph flowing again better . This form of treatment may take several weeks. Once the lymph flow is enabled and the leg cramps occur mainly at night have reduced the individual muscle groups are targeted stimulated with a special Muskelstimulationspro program. The – passive exercise can cause the Druckschmer -ing relieved and fully reduced with an optimal course of therapy and the muscles are relaxed. But you need to perform not only the passive gym regularly a lymphatic drainage, so it does not come back to lymphatic congestion .

In the beginning you should perform a treatment of 50 minutes + 10 minutes preparation time, each at least every other day. Once the leg cramps, as well as the pressure pain is alleviated , you can reduce the number of weekly treatments.

But it is important that therapy be consistent , corresponding to the requirements durgeführt , and the current is not too high. You should feel the power significantly , but this is still a pleasant experience . The lymphatic drainage to high currents are a contraindication , because then the muscle contractions are so strong that they close the lymphatics .

At high currents also irritate the skin and nerves and can ( redness etc. ) cause skin irritation. They decrease the therapeutic success thus considerably . After the expiry of the programmed treatment time switches the ma-chine automatically.
In electronic and metal implants in malignant tumors tions in thrombosis, in renal and heart failure , during pregnancy. If in doubt, ask at the best the doctor hers confidence.

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