Happy Legs

Happylegs: The seated walking machine

The only motorised passive workout solution that improves your blood circulation while you are seated.

Sit downn and walk with Happylegs.

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 Impoving your quality of life is simple

Happylegs improoves the quality of life of all types of people who spend hours sitting or standing, almost immobile, and those who have reduced mobility. Its gentle movement reactives blood flow all over your body wihout virtually any effort or adverse effects. The results are certified by specialists in vascular health.

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Exercise your legs, exercise your heart

Senior citizens are the largest taarget group of potential customers of Happylegs. This is a sector of the population that has improved their life expectancy, but many of them suffer from mobility problems, making them a group at high risk from circulator diseases. After a three weeks of using Happylegs, our users have experienced the following results:

  • Reactivation of blood circulaton throughout the body.
  • Prevention and reduction of chronic venous disease.
  • Improvements in cardiovascular health, especially in people with pacemakers.

Prevention as a synonym of curing

Increasingly, more and  more professionals are required to sit or stand during the entire working day. Happylegs offers the major advantage of being an increasingly useful tool for the prevention of occupational risks:

  • Ergonomic: improves posture in the workplace, eliminating the symptoms of postural fatique.
  • Disappearance of back joint discomfort annd heaviness in the legs.
  • Continued use prevents the development of varicose veins.

Discover what can do for your health

Another important sector of Happylegs users are people with mobility problems. As they are seated or lyng down for many hours at a time, blood does not pump properly from three hours has the same results as walking for an hour, obtaining the following health improvements:

  • Disappearance of swelling in legs and ankles.
  • Increased muscle oxygenation throughout the body, especially in Alzheimer patiens.
  • Less join pain, especially in diabetics.

Stimulate your circulation naturally

Movement assisted by happylegs sisibly improves the appearance of your legs, giving themm a better appearance. As it is  a passive workout syysttem, your legs are exercised, without any effort:

  • Improved muscle oxygenation throughout the body.
  • Strengthens and tones muscles in your legs.
  • Its gentle movement, as it has cleansing effect on the body, is an effective ally against cellulite.

The continual vascular health benefits that our users are experiencing by using Happylegs have been confirmed in a medical report by the surgeon and phebologist,  Dr Minguel Anngel Santos Gastón, Chairman of the Foundation for the Study and Prevention of Vascular Diseases in Spain.

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